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“As the director of the BAMF PMO I had the need to engage a highly reliable, responsive and affordable on-shore/ off-shore business partner to deliver custom application projects in support of BAMF business strategy objectives.
Rapid collaborative, iterative development along with reliable post-implementation support were paramount considerations for the engagement, as was affordability and overall value.
Throughout the term of the several month engagement, Satish and his team performed stellar work using an agile approach, effectively integrating off- shore and on-shore ‘collocated’ team members with IT and business partners.
Aha’s deep technical expertise, much of which was deployed on-site, impressively addressed the inevitable architectural hurdles and covered some of our exposed capability gaps. The team also expertly provided key knowledge transfer to support personnel and left us in a position to provide world class support for our business.
Satish was a fantastic partner and colleague, and I look forward to working with him and his team again! “


Ed Daniel , Director


“AhaApps Customer service is outstanding. AhaApps gets an A+ for:
• Project Scheduling
• Responsiveness to questions
• Change management
• Overall communication and quality of solutions to unforeseen problems”
• Impeccable customer service


Rick Provost, Partner


AhaApps created an excellent product with the ability for our own staff to upgrade it or maintain it in the future. Was a very good product, one that I’m pleased to put our name to and let our users work with that app.”
“After working with Aha! I would have no hesitation bringing them in again knowing that I would get the quality that we have to have. We can’t have half measured apps or good enough apps in front of our elected officials.

Megabyte Systems, Inc.

Sharon Zachte, President/CEO


Satish has a great ability to think beyond the obvious and come up with creative solutions for unique challenges. While his company is technically a competitor of ours, we have actually formed a great strategic relationship whereby we are able to partner on projects for clients, each bringing our own strengths and skills to the table. Satish is extremely knowledgeable, creative, and willing to do whatever it takes to deliver superior client results. I highly recommend Satish and AHA Apps!

Addison Clark Online

Jeff Allen, Managing Partner


We hired AhaApps to write an Android mobile app. It was delivered on time and operated well. Satish is a reasonable and thoughtful person. He listens and habitually clarifies communication to insure quality. We hired Satish a second time for app enhancements and expect to keep him on board as a permanent resource.

Infotel Systems, Inc.

Chuck Brodersen, Owner