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NAVTech brings Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formally known as NAVISION), to Android and iPad tablets. With a Microsoft NAVision ERP app, everyone from field service technicians to customers can accomplish more in less time. Managers can access the data they need to make informed decisions even while away from the office. The speed with which businesses move in today's global marketplace make Microsoft NAVision ERP apps beneficial to virtually all employees in a wide range of industries.

When field personnel, such as sales representatives or service technicians, must call the office to determine the availability of parts or inventory items, the customer sometimes sees the delay as an unnecessary waste of time. When the data upon which managers are basing crucial decisions is not completely current, costly mistakes can be made. When workers at remote locations must record data manually and forward it for entry, labor costs are increased. All of these are examples of areas that a mobile ERP application from AhaApps can help you improve.

Simplify Field Service Management

  • Download field technician's orders or tickets from NAV (Available for other ERPs in future releases)
  • Update tickets and orders
  • Save details offline in the device and transfer to NAV server
  • Integrated Google maps direct technicians to customer's address
  • Tracks tech's location whenever he accesses the app
  • Calculates distance from technician's last known location to customer's site
  • Calculates travel distance, which can be linked to individual orders or tickets
  • Sorts tickets or orders by distance, enabling technicians to determine the order in which to work tickets

Improve Efficiency of Service Technicians

  • Techs can receive new tickets pushed to device
  • Access information about parts
  • Capture customer's signature upon completion of service call
  • Time tracking for travel and service
  • Automatically generate an invoice for customer (Contact AhaApps for a demo of this feature)

Use Sales Force to Enhance Customer Service

  • Sales staff can view customer information and review pertinent data immediately prior to contact
  • Use device to create orders
  • Transfer orders created on mobile ERP application to push to server

Assist Contractors and Employees Working at Remote Locations

  • Site engineers, contractors and others working off-site can record expenses
  • They can track expenses, and these can be linked to a specific job or task
  • Store data offline
  • Journalize expenses by transferring to the NAVision server
Enhance Inventory Functions
  • Employees performing physical inventories at different locations can enter and update on mobile devices, then transfer to the ERP server later
  • Users can view vendor, items and customer lists
  • Includes a search-by-name feature
  • Sort items list by item number, description and quantity on hand Sort customer list by customer number, name and balance
Improve Management Reporting
  • Managers or staff can generate various reports by extracting data stored on the ERP server
  • Reports generated can be formatted in the manner best suited for management interpretation
Create a Better Customer Experience
  • Customers who normally connect through the web can use their mobile devices
  • Users can always be connected while on the go
  • A customized solution can be created for their usage

A mobile ERP application can enhance the efficiency and productivity of employees, especially those who need immediate access to data or who must access data from remote locations. Telephone calls to office personnel require two employees to invest time, and the information conveyed is subject to misunderstandings or errors. Mobile applications allow everyone to accomplish more in less time. They are the way businesses communicate in the 21st century.

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