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Our Story

We are technologists at heart.

We started our journey in 2010 creating a bunch of apps. And like every dreamer, we were naïve enough to believe the prophecy “build it and they’ll come”. We soon realized that building a company needs more than creating apps. We quickly pivoted to services to keep the lights on. And a natural choice was CRM consulting services.

Luckily, we had the expertise with the technical aspects of CRM systems such as customizations, integration, and data. Once we were on the battlefield, we understood that the technological side of CRM was just one aspect. There was a huge gap between the way businesses conduct sales and use CRM. After a series of tried and tested sales enablement, sales methodology, metrics, and business optimization strategies, we were able to bridge this gap.

We had been through the same problems as growing companies do, we started working on educating our customers about the need to improve sales processes and not just the tool.

Today we help growing companies:

  • Assess the sales process and align it to CRM.
  • Create Sales playbooks and sales enablement resources.
  • Identify and define metrics that help the pipeline.
  • Customize CRM that helps sales to seal the deal quickly.
  • Use data analytics and visualizations to help advance sales.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for SMBs

Our Mission

Creating a platform where we can connect the sales teams and CRM solutions, thereby eradicating wastefulness and helping companies grow.

Our Values



We possess a ‘can do ‘attitude which helps us create the right solutions for our clients meeting their exact requirements. Our team collates all the right resources to get what you exactly require.



We hold being accountable as one of our primary values and maintain this stance for completing all kinds of projects, big or small from discovery to delivery.



Our clients keep coming back to us not only for our solutions and service but it’s the trust factor that strengthens our collaboration.



We personalize each client’s requirements and ensure that they are met diligently. We are focused and a driven set of people who love to see our clients succeed.

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Our Team

We believe collaboration is the biggest key to an organization’s success. Our teams in the US and India consists of Sales enablement experts, Marketing professionals, Developers, Consultants who work in unison towards the company’s objective.

Our clients say

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We believe that it takes good people to build a good business. That’s why we go for individuals who aren’t just a professional fit but, people who embody our organization’s values.

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