How does a global company connect its salespeople to customers in an efficient yet personal way? Rotterdam-based Broekman Logistics decided to add the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing app to the company’s existing Dynamics 365 Sales app to make it even easier and more efficient to find and develop high-quality leads and nurture customer relationships.


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Broekman Logistics serves customers with intricate needs. Operating in industrial markets, the global logistics company offers warehousing and distribution services for chemical companies, along with logistics and assembly services for providers of large industrial equipment like wind turbines, excavators, and more.

The organization already managed its sales opportunities using Dynamics 365 Sales, so when Microsoft released Dynamics 365 Marketing, it saw the opportunity to extend the Sales app’s value and boosts the company’s number of qualified leads by using the apps together.

As a result, Broekman Logistics not only increased its sales but also gained valuable insights that it uses to sharpen sales management. It’s all about a smooth collaboration between sales and marketing.

At AhaApps we understand how the two pillars -marketing and sales, of any company work well with collaboration. With the inclusion of advanced AI technology as Dynamics 365, the benefits are limitless. Connect with us to learn how transformation can begin for you.

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