"There's an app for that", right,?
Not really.

Before partnering with AhaApps, FIRST, VERIFY was confronting an IT roadblock: their unscalable web application could not keep up with their rapidly growing business.With each client requiring a unique onboarding process, the FIRST, VERIFY team was forced to customize questionnaires for individual clients. Running these additional edits through their programmers drove up costs and slowed down client onboarding.

With AhaApps, FIRST, VERIFY was able to build a new application enabling on-the-fly administrative customization, without having to consult the programmers.


Not all problems are solved with out of box functionality. Many enterprises require custom applications to boost employee productivity. Cases include vendor management applications, mobile apps for field workers to retrieve safety & OSHA standards, and employee time tracking software for manufacturing plants. Apps shouldn’t just solve a problem. They should drive revenue and lower costs.

Legacy Application Modernization

Many enterprises find themselves using outdated applications that no longer meet the needs of the current generation. Examples include desktop applications that are unusable on smartphones, apps that do not connect to your HR, ERP, or CRM systems, and field employees that need access to data via remote desktop. If you need it, we can build it.

Consumer Applications

Our experts build customer-facing mobile apps that give your business multiple touch points with clients. Service and hospitality industries see tremendous value from these types of apps, as they streamline client interaction. Whether it’s a special event, e-commerce integration, or an expedited ordering process, a well-designed consumer app helps you stand out from the competition.

Are you looking to maximize your return on an existing application?

Contact us for a variety of support services including bug fixes, additional functionality, and integration with other enterprise systems. You have questions. We have answers.