When the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) was looking to transform fans’ interaction with the sport, they knew they needed to go beyond a simple social media or website overhaul. For fans, volleyball is a sport of love, passion and greatness.

By the 2016 Rio Olympics, volleyball was cumulatively the most watched sport in the world, but the divided and localized nature of the content available kept that entire world of fans from having a united experience.

The Federation Internationale de Volleyball is working to solve this problem, both for the benefit of the fans and the sport. They’ve created a centralized user experience powered by Dynamics 365.

The sport touches lives, across the globe, and the time spent consuming sports on mobile devices and through other digital platforms such as social media, has increased significantly in recent times.

Keep all that in mind, they decided to embrace a full platform shift with Dynamics 365 to transform and optimize user experience, both with their organization and the sport overall.

The alliance with Microsoft Dynamics 365 has unlocked new opportunities and has revolutionized the way volleyball is being viewed globally. It has enabled them to generate digital experiences and create a strong fanbase especially on match days throughout the year. And the delivery of personalized content on request, the expansion of new services and products to better endorse the sport and augment volleyball’s presence in the digital space.

With Dynamics 365, FIVB can showcase their vision to engage and expand their fanbase. It helps them to provide highly engaging digital content , leveraging their wholesome experience and engagement throughout the year.

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