“We have fun. We make fun. We share the fun. The future is bright,” that’s what we heard from the New Belgium Brewing Company. What’s CRM powers all this fun? Microsoft Dynamics 365, of course!

“Technology now is a natural extension of how we do our job. And that tech must fit into the experience that we’re trying to give to our co-workers and our customers,” the brewer says. In this video, discover how Dynamics helps New Belgium Brewing discover the best path to reaching every buyer and engaging with personalized content.

When rapid growth threatened customer-and-employee centric New Belgium, the company implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX for ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Supply Chain application. The implementation resulted in an improvement in supply chain management, enhanced sales, and support.

That means its technology must fit the experience the company strives to give co-workers and customers. When they chose their CRM, they chose Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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