How does the oldest bank in the UAE stay relevant? According to Mashreq Bank, the secret is in their people and their culture of innovation. Modern tools like Dynamics 365 capture important customer data so sales reps can spend more time focused on their clients.

Check out this video to learn more about how they are using technology to support their sales team.

Mashreq Bank is helping their sales reps all across the world realize their full potential.

Mashreq Bank’s sales teams improved efficiency by 60% after connecting their teams and processes across a single platform–Dynamics 365. These increased efficiencies translate into more positive customer experiences and more fulfilling customer-facing work for their sales reps. The bank said the adaptable, mobile competences of Dynamics CRM 365 in particular was appreciated by the business development team. Additionally, Dynamic CRM 365’s cloud-based tools have helped Mashreq’s 800+ sales agents to improve lead management, whether in the office or in the field.

Another interesting aspect of Mashreq’s Dynamics CRM 365 implementation has been the bank’s aptitude to gain a much deeper understanding of its client relationships driven by data and intelligence – empowering employees to manage and maintain customers well.

Mashreq and Microsoft have been collaborating for more than 15 years on enhancing customer experience and employee empowerment. And using Microsoft CRM products, coupled with Microsoft Office, the bank has, over the years, enabled its workforce to improve productivity and serve customers more effectively.

Digital transformation changes shapes, but always brings real business benefits. What benefits can an integrated platform like Dynamics 365 bring to your business? At AhaApps, we are excited to help you find out.

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