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The Dynamics 365 platform now gives Microsoft a strong foothold in the cloud-based SaaS industry. For organizations that have development teams with a focus Office 365, the leap to Salesforce has always been a big one. Now there’s a simpler solution: Dynamics 365 and Office 365 all in one place.

Data Management

Get the best out of your CRM. Keep your data clean, updated and accurate. Maintain consistency while importing or exporting data to avoid hassles. Data is precious and managing it well gives great returns.

Dynamics CRM Integration

Dynamics 365 works in cohesion with an array of applications. Doesn’t matter if it’s an old accounting system or a newly updated Office 365. Increase the visibility of your data with Dynamics 365 integration.

Implementing Dynamics CRM

With the right Consultants and the best CRM in business, using the best practices, implementation will be a breeze. Dynamics 365 brings the business to a whole new level with the right implementation.

Watch Bowlero Corporation's Testimony

Before partnering with AhaApps, Bowlero Corporation was facing a very real IT crisis. After a failed attempt by a 3rd-party developer to implement their purchase of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Tom Tanase, newly promoted CIO, was forced to pull the plug and revert to their old system….

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LinkedIn and Dynamics... A perfect sales match.

From relationship building to closing the sale, Dynamics 365 is your team’s ticket to winning more business. LinkedIn Sales Navigator connects your salespeople to the right decision-makers and makes targeting a breeze. With up-to-date analytics dashboards, your sales team can adjust to the needs of each customer in real-time.

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Dynamics Field Service allows your team to stay mobile.

Technicians in the field are no longer handcuffed by distance. Maximize your customer relationships by making sure field workers and in-house agents can readily access customer data. Use data to better engage with your customers and create automated updates, always keeping your clients in the know.

Dynamics 365 and Office 365... All in one integration.

Leverage the investment you’ve made in other Microsoft products by choosing Dynamics 365. This all-in-one platform makes data exchange between Office programs simple and efficient.

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