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testimonial from Bowlero corp

Before partnering with AhaApps, Bowlero Corporation was facing a very real IT crisis. After a failed attempt by a 3rd-party developer to implement their purchase of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Tom Tanase, newly promoted CIO, was forced to pull the plug and revert to their old system. Now heavily invested in a product that was failing, they needed help. That’s when Tom met the team at AhaApps.

Our team, led by our CEO Satish Reddy, got to work evaluating their current software and identifying flaws in its architecture. Satish says, “When we start working with a business, we evaluate their current situation. And then ask some questions. Sometimes really tough questions.”

With over 70 sales offices across the country and over 180 salespeople relying on their implementation Dynamics CRM, Tom Tanase knew that they needed help. “AhaApps came in, provided us with the expertise, and the manpower needed, to take a failed program and turn it into a money-making tool,” Tom says.

On top of fixing bugs in the system, we identified a number of other customization and integration required. Satish explains, “Dynamics comes out of the box with a lot of features, but that doesn’t mean it directly fits your business.” This was certainly the case for Bowlero Corp. With the complexity of event reservations and catered offerings, customizations had to be built into the software to accomplish their objectives.

From a failed Dynamics rollout to a powerful productivity tool, Bowlero’s Group Event Management System is now an integral part of their sales operation.

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