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As a developer, there are times when you need to debug a plugin. In order to do that, typically you would have written some trace statements or you were planning to get the error logs and step through the code in Visual Studio.

One thing is common – both the types of debugging need the error logs to be downloaded. There could be a few instances where you might not have gotten the error logs. So let’s take a look at a couple of settings which need to be taken care of.

  • Ensure that the step is being profiled! We might be so caught up in the situation trying to resolve the issue that we might have forgotten to profile the step.Dynamics CRM Registered Plugins

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  • Ensure that the organization’s error logs settings are set to capture all details of error logs. To do that, click on Settings/Advanced Settings

Dynamics CRM Settings

Go to Settings/Administration/System Settings.

Dynamics CRM - Go to Settings - Administration

Plugin error log settings update in Dynamics CRM

Click on the Customization tab. Under plugin and custom workflow activity tracing, ensure the setting for “Enable logging to plug-in trace log is set to “All”. Once you selected that option, Click Ok.

A lot of the developers forget about the above settings change because, by default, the logging is set to off. We need to manually change it to “All” to enable the logging.

It is recommended to disable the capturing of logs in Prod (turn the above setting to off) because it can prevent the unnecessary capture of error logs. If there is an issue, we can always replicate it in DEV/QA environments and capture the logs there.

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