To gain a better insight into your business, competition, and customers, while keeping up with the erratic market conditions, Microsoft’s Power BI is the solution for you. Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics tool from the storehouse of Microsoft that helps users to visualize and analyze data at a faster pace. Whether your data consists of simple rows or a mesh of complicated information, Power BI can convert them to quick and easy infographics to help you change the way you operate.

We at AhaApps, understand that as business owners you need to match with the changing times to stay ahead. With a penchant for a thorough insight, technologically driven mindset and knowledge, our experts will help you transform the way you have run your business, drive in more customers and get higher ROI. Our Data Engineers with Power BI will collaborate extensively with you for:

→ Quick and comprehensible insights

→ Seamless integration of applications

→ Secured and controlled viewing of reports

→ Low-costs and higher returns

Achieve more with AhaApps

Consumer-centricity is our core value and a guiding principle in everything we do. Our passion is to help your company uncover issues and opportunities related to customer experience and assist you in building sustainable relationships with your prospects and customers. We do so by leveraging industry-leading CRM, Cloud and Business Intelligence solutions to create a positive customer experience that builds trust and drives customer brand loyalty, engagement, and profits. Improve Sales and Service productivity and profits

Our mission is to deliver your “Aha” moments through the effective use of, Cloud and Business Intelligence solutions for today’s digital age. We’ll help you connect with prospects and customers to improve Sales and Service delivery through:

People: Consumerism is deeply rooted in our culture and DNA. Our people are empathetic to consumer needs, skilled communicators, passionate problem solvers and trained to adapt to any customer environment.

Process: We believe, optimizing a bad process does not make it a good one. We partner with customers in co-creating Aha processes to enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction, thereby increasing internal efficiencies, productivity, and accountability.

Technology: Our CRM, Cloud and Business Intelligence experience enables us to successfully implement technology solutions by harnessing best practices and methodologies and exceed customer expectations on budget and timeline.