InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) has over 5,000 locations around the world. With so many locations and on-premises legacy systems, IHG struggled to bring new technology to market quickly. That’s why they adopted the cloud, which added control and a wallet-friendly price point. With a cloud-first model, you can bring new tech to customers faster and drive topline revenue growth just like IHG.

With locations in 100 countries, InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is focused on improving their customers’ experiences through technology. But updating IT infrastructure in so many countries was costly and ineffective.

The cloud offered IHG a way to grow and scale their global business while adding value to their customers. Cloud-based storage is more agile, scalable, efficient and cost-effective. They understood that the cloud helped their hospitality empire with a unique opportunity to scale as needed, without the stress or the need for an infrastructure redesign.

It was easy to manage data from the server with the cloud first strategy. The backing up and restoration is done in one place. Rather than pulling the backed up and stored data from multiple devices, it can be accessed from the one server.

With a cloud-first strategy, IHG was able to reduce the probability of human error created by manual data management and backups.

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