Staffing with accountability & soul

We understand that it is difficult to run a business in these sporadic times and know the challenges that a business owner may face. Personalizing our client’s requirements and ensuring that their objectives align with the talent hired in a cost-effective manner, is a top priority for us. We care about our client’s goals.
For our candidates, we go that extra mile as we know that one right job can make or break one’s career. We have a strong client-base of companies looking to select the right candidate. We take a tactical and a consultative approach when we select the right person for the right job.
Our channels of communication are transparent and open which helps us build long-term relationships with all of our clients.
We are a passionate bunch of people who love to see you succeed!

Staffing Services

Staffing Services

Our approach to permanent staffing is unlike any other company in the industry, here is how we bring value

Permanent Staffing

  • Permanent or indeterminate talent contributes continuously to the organization’s services and growth.
  • Employ a member of staff on a fixed term contracted through your permanent payroll.
  • Get hired as a permanent or indeterminate team member with fixed employee benefits once the talent requirement is met.

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Temporary Staffing

  • Temporary or interim staffing meets your flexible requirements as per the changing market landscape.
  • Hire candidates as per your time, schedule, service, product or need.
  • Join a company based on your available working pattern and requirement.

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  • Workable Staffing Solutions

    We provide staffing solutions that have been proven successful. We follow a stringent guideline when it comes to finding the right talent for the right job.

  • Employ Best Recruitment Practices

    We use the best recruitment practices. We are open and honest about our staffing solutions and do not endorse any unfair means.

  • Cost Effective Strategy

    Our tenured experience enables us to successfully implement staffing solutions and exceed client expectations on budget and timeline.

  • Customized Recruitment Plan

    We market ourselves as an expert of niche talents. We are flexible and accommodating and mold our strategies as per the customer’s need.

  • Customer-Centric Goals

    Consumerism is deeply rooted in our culture and DNA. We are empathetic to customer’s needs, and trained to adapt to any business requirement.

Why Choose “AhaApps”

Recruiting Services

Our clients have one thing in common between them. They keep coming back to us!
We are a value add as compared to other Staffing vendors. We have gone that extra mile for our clients on several occasions. Customer satisfaction is our motto. We are not happy unless you are. We do regular follow ups and monitor progress of the hire.
We are known to keep in touch with our candidates and check if they have adjusted to the new ecosystem.
Our talent network, combined with advanced technological tools and talent data helps us meet your specific requirements.

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