Permanent Employment

Permanent employment is used by organizations when there isn’t any end date determined.

Hiring a permanent staff member is a serious commitment that can either ensure continuous contributions to the company’s growth or can go awry. Selection of the right candidate becomes the predominant factor when a company decides to employ a permanent member.

When it comes to loyalty, permanent staff will exude more as his efforts will work towards creating a better impression so as to gain long-term employment

AhaApps can guarantee access to qualified consultants to help you in the Dynamics 365 or Salesforce CRM journeys. Our Consultants have will dedicate themselves to helping your organization achieve its business goals. Taking care of an employee’s salary or benefits is our responsibility as they will be on our payroll. For jobseekers, our extensive client database will allow you to get hired into the role that is suitable for you.

Permanent employment

“The AhaApps Way”

Our approach to permanent staffing is unlike any other company in the industry, here is how we bring value:


  • We are dedicated to creating the perfect custom made, permanent staffing solution for our clients based on their needs.
  • Our Consultants do not need handholding when it comes to fulfilling your requirement as they are cognizant of their responsibilities and are an experienced bunch.
  • We make it a point to learn about your company, goals and the work culture before we start the selection process.
  • Our Consultants find ways to reduce costs for our clients and are known to have created cost-effective ways of implementing/maintaining CRM solutions, handling data management and integration issues.
  • Once the candidate is hired, we meet up with your managers/decision-makers to ensure the project deliverables are met.
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  • Before a job seeker is sent the job profile, we try to evaluate his/her requirement thoroughly.
  • Our client database is immense and your requirement can be filtered based on the location, experience or CRM domain.
  • Any candidate who wishes to join an organization through us is prepped by a Staffing professional about the KRA’s, profile and the culture of the organization.
  • We do not believe in testing the patience of the job seeker and usually get back to them with the outcome of the interview as early as possible.
  • We do not oversell or undersell the job opportunities available. We always set the right expectations from the beginning.
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Why Choose “AhaApps”

Permanent staffing solutions

AhaApps is seriously dedicated to believing that there are better methods and ways to assist our client partners and jobseekers find indeterminate and successful solutions for your Dynamics 365 or Salesforce CRMs. We are in for our clients, candidates being treated with the highest level of dignity, integrity and trustworthiness. We aim to create customize permanent staffing solutions so that they increase your ROI, value and definitely retention.