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Temporary staffing is an employment situation wherein the working schedule or pattern is limited to a certain timeframe based on a company’s requirement.

Some companies hire temporary staff all around the year to deal with unexpected absences, busy periods, special projects, etc. These staff members are paid as per the time period they were employed and do not qualify for any additional benefits.

AhaApps can guarantee access to reliable and temporary consultants to help you in the Dynamics 365 or Salesforce CRM journeys. We will help you build your team strength without absorbing them permanently, enabling your overloaded staff to find a helping hand during stringent times and keep the projects moving. For jobseekers, the experience is all that matters because there will be no shortage of the different kinds of industries that you may get hired for.

“The AhaApps Way”

Our approach to temporary employment is different as compared to any other organization in the industry:


  • We are dedicated to working as your personal HR department sans the hassles and dullness, reducing your cost, time and resources.
  • We understand what our client requires and take a custom-made approach for selecting the right candidate.
  • With our temporary staffing solutions, you can bring your costs down on hiring, training and providing additional benefits.
  • Our Consultants are a trained and experienced lot so the time spent on training will be minimal.
  • Our Consultants have worked in various industries, therefore will employ the best practices while implementing or maintaining CRM solutions.
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  • We evaluate your requirements thoroughly so that the opportunities align with your goa
  • Our client database is vast and your requirement can be filtered based on the location, experience or CRM domain.
  • We prepare our candidates in advance about the job role, responsibilities and the culture of the company.
  • Our turnaround time for getting back to the candidate is quite fast and we do not endorse keeping a jobseeker hanging for responses.
  • We do not oversell or undersell the job opportunities available. We always set the right expectations from the beginning.
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Why Choose “AhaApps”

Temporary staffing solutions

AhaApps is seriously dedicated to believing that there are better methods and ways to assist our client partners and jobseekers find indeterminate and successful solutions for your Dynamics 365 or Salesforce CRMs. We are in for our clients, candidates being treated with the highest level of dignity, integrity and trustworthiness. We aim to create customize permanent staffing solutions so that they increase your ROI, value and definitely retention.