Watch how one global company removed outdated, legacy systems and truly transformed the way they ran their business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Quickly outgrowing their disjointed systems, Wild & Wolf desperately needed a single platform to use across all their businesses.

They need a solution to keep up with the growing business, a stable platform which was accessible, scalable and efficient in nature.

A vision was put together with Microsoft and after implementing Business Central, all of the companies that work with Wild & Wolf were now on one system, in the cloud. According to the company, the ability to “have one version of the truth for all our businesses is massively important for us.”

Now, Wild & Wolf can envision a future with endless possibilities.

When Wild & Wolf outgrew its disjointed legacy systems, it embarked on a path to transform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Thanks to Dynamics 365, the activities of all Wild & Wolf businesses enhanced and the ability to deal with things are done effectively and seamlessly now.

The siloed perspective no longer exists. With its intuitive analysis in placed, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central has helped them build stronger and better relationships with their clients.

AhaApps can help you discover the endless possibilities that you can envision since moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Connect with us today.

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